Wales Early May - 99

As Sissi was over in England to attend her friend Eva's wedding and I just got over from Guernsey to live we decided to make a short holiday out of it. None of us knew very much of Britain and where to go but it was decided to make a round trip to Wales and back. Heading off on a Sunday in early May towards south Wales. It was lovely to be able to drive for a few hours in one direction without ending up at the same place, as was the case in Guernsey. It was initially a long drive, and around six o'clock we spotted a small campsite east of Tenby. Stopped there. Put up our tent and went for a walk along the road to a small road pub for a meal. The following morning we drove into Tenby to have a look. Brother had been there a year earlier and said it was lovely so we were expecting a nice seaside town and we were not disappointed. Full of Bank Holiday tourists, it was still a nice stroll in the lovely sunshine, eating ice cream and taking photos. It was developed into a holiday resort in the 19th century and had everything you expect of a traditional seaside; turn of the century buildings, fish and chips shops, amusement arcades, tacky tourist shops and small art galleries. At lunch time we headed off north towards Aberystwyth. A small university town in Mid Wales. A lovely black beach  along a promenade full of student hostels. Strolled through the castle, built by Edward 1 in 1277 as the sun set. The Castle was later captured by Owain Glyndwr in 1404 and even later on destroyed by Cromwell's forces in 1649 and is today only a ruin. We camped inland behind the town in a empty campsite. The following morning we drew along the winding roads. Had cream tea at a small health spa in the middle of the rolling hills. At mid afternoon we hit Llanberis and the train up Snowdon, Wales highest mountain. Lazy as we were we headed for the easy option an took the train up, not going the whole way to the top. Standing nearly at the top of Wales we saw as far as the ocean. Windy, lots of sheep, small grey stone houses, rolling green hills. Can it be better? We camped at a small campsite just outside Llanberis with a small local pub at the other side of the road. A sleepless night, as it was windy and we had a crap tent, we headed back to London the following day. A long drive but also many swedish nursery songs later, in the early evening we were awaited by a nice cup of cha in the big smoke and our mini holiday was over.