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100 % Dance 2 21 One hundred percent pure dance hits! S
36 Svenska klassiker 1980 - 1989 M
A Life Less Ordinary Music from the Motion Picture S
ABBA Gold Greatest Hits M
ABBA More Gold Greatest Hits M
Acoustic Rock The Number One Acoustic Rock Album M
Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill S
Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill M
Alanis Morissette Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie M
Alice Cooper Trash S
All Saints Pure Shores (single) S
American Dream 36 Drivetime Classics M
B B King Let good times roll M
Bally Sagoo Rising from the east M
Beatles Stg Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band M
Belinda Carlisle The Best of … S
Big Mountain Baby, I Love your Way (signle) S
Billie Holiday 16 Most Requested Songs M
Billie Myers Growing Pain M
Björk Post M
Blues Brother Soul Sisters 40 Blues and Soul originals M
Blur Blur M
Bon Jovi Crossroads S
Britney Spears …Baby one more time M
Bryan Adams (Everything I do) I do it for You (single) S
Bryan Adams When You're gone (single) M
C J Lewis Sweets for my Sweet (single) S
Cajsa Stina Åkerström Cajsa Stina M
Cardigans Emmerdale M
Cardigans Gran Turismo M
Carly Simons Greatest Hits M
Carole King Tapestry M
Cast All Change S
Cat Stevens Remember M
Catatonia Equally cursed and blessed M
Cher The Gretest Hits M
Christmas Album The best Christmas Album in the world … ever! M
Christmas album The No 1 Christmas Album M
Christmas music a gift of … M
Christmas with the Stars M & S Collection M
Clannad Celtic collection M
Classic Advertisments HMV collection M
Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas M
Cornelis Wreeswijk Guldkorn från Mäster Cees Memoarer M
Corrs Forgive, Not Forgotten S
Corrs Talk on Corners S
Cranberries Absolutely Acoustic S
Cranberries Doors and Windows S
Cranberries Everybody else is doing it, why can't we? S
Cranberries No Need to Argue M
Cranberries No need to Argue S
Crowded House The Very Best of M
Culture Beat Anything (single) S
Dance mania 95 22 bass bumpin' fresh dance hits S
David Gray sell, sell, sell M
David Gray White ladder M
David Helfgott Brilliantissimo S
Dean Martin The very best of M
Deep Forest Boheme M
Degung Bali Instrumental (gamalan music) M
Dido no angle M
Die Winer Sangenknaben Stille Nacht M
Dina Carroll Don't be a stranger (single) S
Divine Comedy The Best of … M
Eagle-Eye Cherry Desireless M
Echoes of Nature Rainforest M
Edith Piaf Collection d'Or M
Edith Piaf HMV Edit Piaf collection M
Empire of the Sun music to the film M
Enigma Triology M
Eurytmics Peace M
Fat Boy Slim You'r come a long way, baby S
Firehouse Firehouse S
Firehouse Hold your Fire S
Fleetwood Mac Romours M
Fred Åkerström Guldkorn M
Fugees The Score S
Gabrielle Rise M
Garbage Version 2.0 M
Genisis We can't Dance S
Heather Nova oyster M
Iron Maiden Infinite Dreams (single) S
Iron Maiden Live After Death S
Iron Maiden No Prayer for the dying S
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind S
Iron Maiden Powerslave S
Iron Maiden Purgatory S
Iron Maiden Seventh son of the Seventh Son S
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time S
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast S
Iron Maiden Wasted years S
J S Bach Mass in B minor M
J S Bach Toccata & Fugue M
J S Bach Violin Concertos M
Jamiraqui Synkronized S
Jamiraqui Travelling Without Moving S
Jan Johansson Folkvisor M
Joan Armatrading The Shouting Stage M
Joan Armatrading Whatever's for Us M
Joan Osborne Relish S
John Fillmore El Buen Camino M
John Scatman Scatman (single) S
Judy Garland Classic Songs from the Stage & Screen M
Kate & Anna McGarriegle Kate & Anna McGarriegle M
Kelis Kelis M c
Kodak Express Music from the Movies M
Kul pa Svenska Various artists M
La Route du Blues Various artists M
Ladykillers 2 36 wanted artists M
Ladysmith Black Mombazo The Star and Wiseman (The very best of..) M
Lars Jansson untitled M
Lemonheads It's a shame about Ray M
Lene Marlin Playing my game S
Levellers Belaruse S
Levellers Levellers S
Levellers Levelling the Land S
Lighthouse Family Ocean Drive S
Lighthouse Family Postcard from Heaven S
Lisa Ekdahl Lisa Ekdahl M
Lisa Ekdahl Med kroppen mot jorden M
Lisa Nilsson Till Morelia M
Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World M
Love/Hate Black out in the Red Room S
Love/Hate Wasted in America S
M People The Best of … M
Macy Gray on now life is M
Madness another 16 classic tracks M
Manic Street Preachers This is my truth tell me yours S
Mariah Carey Daydreams S
Mariah Carey Music Box S
Marianne Flynner Country Girl M
Marianne Flynner Sagt och gjort M
Marie Fredriksson äntligen [1984-200] M
Marie Fredriksson I en Tid som vår M
Mark Morrison Return of the Mack S
Mary Mary M c
Meat loaf Hits out ot Hell S
Meat loaf I'd do Anything for Love (But I Won't do that) (single) S
Medieval Banquet Minstral Songs and Dances M
Megadeath Rust in Peace S
Metal Marathon The Album S
Metallica … and Justice for all S
Metallica Kill 'em All S
Metallica Master of Puppets S
Metallica Ride the Lightning S
Metallica Vertigo S
Michael Nyman The Piano M
Midnightmass from a Medieval Cathedral M
Moby Play M c
Most Wanted Orinalsanger fran Astrid Lindgrens filmer M
Mötley Crue Dr Feelgood S
Mr Big Lean into it S
Music of Hawaii Various artists M
Music of the Andes Various artists M
Music to Watch Girls by Various artists M
Natalie Imbruglia Left of the Middle M
Nationalteatern Greatest Hits M
New Pure Moods New Pure Moods M
New Woman 2000 40 modern love songs
Nirvana In Utero S
Nirvana Nevermind S
Nordman Ingenmansland M
Ocean Colour Scene Moseley Shoals S
Patti Rothberg Between the 1 and the 9 M
Poison Swallow this Live S
R C Nakai & W Eaton Ancestral Voices M
Ravel Bolero M
Relaxing Classics M & S Collection M
Republica Republica S
Richard Marx Rush Street S
Ricky Martin A Medio Vivir M c
Ricky Martin Ricky Martin M c
Rikard Wolff Pojken på månen M
Robert Broberg Alskade Orginal M
Rock Ballads The Best Rock Ballads in the world … ever! M
Rocky Horrow Picture Show M
Romeo + Juliette Music from the Motion Picture S
Roxett Tourism S
Rumillajta Urupampa M
Sade Stronger than pride M
Scorpions Best of Rockers n' Ballads S
Seven Music from the Motion Picture S
Shamen Boss Drum S
Shania Twain Come on Over Here M c
Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow M
Sheryl Crow The Globe Sessions M
Sheryl Crow Tuesday Night Music Club M
Simon & Garfunkel The Best of … M
Simply Red Life S
Simply Red Men and Women M
Simply Red Picture Book M
Skunk Anansie Stoosh S
Slaughter Stick it to ya S
Slaughter The Wild Life S
Sleeper The It Girl S
Smile Jamaica 40 Totally Tropical Reggae Hits (2cds) M c
Stereophonics Performance and cocktails S
Stina Nordenstam And She Closed Her Eyes M
Stockholm Femton sånger om Stockholm M
Sugarcubes Stick Around for Joy M
Summer in the 60's M & S Collection M
Summer Jazz M & S Collection M
Suzanne Vega Solitude Standing M
Svensk Jazz 100% Svensk Jazz M
Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major Op 35 M
Ted Gärdestad Äntligen på väg M
Texas White on Blonde S
The Rough Guide Cajun & Zydeco M
The Rough Guide English Roots Music M
The Rough Guide Native American Music M
The Rough Guide One Voice - vocal music from around the world M
The Rough Guide The Music of Eastern Europe M
The Wonder Stuff Hup M
Tintin De sju kristallkulorna M
Tintin Solens Tempel M
Tom Jones M & S Collection M
Tom Waits Nighthawks at the diner M
Tom Waits Swordfishtrombones M
Topt The Cutting Edge M
Tori Amos Under the Pink M
Totta Närslund Totta M
Travis The man who S
True Romance Music from the Motion Picture S
U2 War M
Ugly Kid Joe America's least Wanted S
Uno Svenningsson Due M
Uno Svenningsson Uno M
Van Morrison The very best of M
Variete Francaise Essentiellement Variete Francaise vol 1 M
Väsen Världens Väsen M
Velvet Underground The Best of … M
Verv Urban Hymns S
Visbuketten M
Viva! Latino Latino Pop & Dance Mixes M
Vivaldi The Four Seasons M
Vixen Vixen S
Volym 1 Den basta svenska musiken 60- och 70- tal M
W A Mozart Piano Consert No 20 & 23 M
W A Mozart Piano consert No 23 & 27 M
Ween 12 Golden Country Greats M
Ween Pure Guava M
Whitney Houston my love is your love M c
Yungchen Lhamo Tibet, Tibet M
Zemya Hamilton Trollbunden M  
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