Grächen comments


Well, I did not ski here so I don't know what the area is like. The village is cute, located on the side of the valley going up to Zermatt. You can do daytrips to Zermatt and Saas Fee by bus, but I don't really know how it works.


What a wonderfully nice place! Good recommendation Damo. The skiing wasn't up to much, mainly because it was quite icy, but the town was amazing. It was the only place on our entire trip where I felt we had really hit a local town. The locals were very hospitable, and there were a suprising amount of activities to do. It is worth seeing, but maybe not for a week.


As a kid Pistes and more importantly jumps are bigger than when you are an adult. Happy memories apart from being lost after the first days skiing, ending up crying in the Police Station not knowing what my Chalet was called. White Stuff is Good Stuff though!