Action/Adventure Thrillers Sci-Fi Classics Drama Comedy International

Film Director Region
The Rock Michael Bay R2
US Marshalls Stuart Baird R2
Plunkett & Macleane Jake Scott R2
Heat Michael Mann R2
Payback Brian Helgeland R2
lock, stock & 2 smoking barrels Guy Ritchie R2
Hard Rain Mikael Saloman R2
Goldeneye Martin Campbell R2
Tomorrow Never Dies Roger Spottiswoode R2
The World is not Enough Michael Apted R2
Mission: Impossible Brian de Palma R2
Joan of Arc, The Messenger Luc Besson R2
The Last Boy Scout Tony Scott R2
The Man with the Golden Gun Guy Hamilton R2
The Perfect Storm Wolfgang Peterson R2
Gladiator Ridley Scott R2
The Patriot Roland Emmerich R2
The Fugitive Andrew Davis R2
Michael Collins Neil Jordan R2

Film Director Region
True Crime Clint Eastwood R2
The Insider Michael Mann R2
Dangerous Liasons Stephen Frears R2
Double Jeopardy Bruce Beresford R2
Final Destination James Wong R2
Traffic Steven Soderbergh R2
Under Suspicion Stephen Hopkins R2
True Romance Tony Scott R2

Science Fiction
Film Director Region
Alien Ridley Scott R2
Aliens James Cameron R2
Alien 3 David Fincher R2
Alien Resurrection Jean-Pierre Jeunet R2
Contact Robert Zemekis R2
Matrix The Wachowski Brothers R1
The Fifth Element Luc Besson R2
2010 - The Year we made contact Peter Hyams R2

Film Director Region
Papillion Franklin J Schaffner R1
North by Northwest Alfred Hitchcock R2

Film Director Region
Wilde Brian Gilbert R2
Instinct Jon Tutelaub R2
Erin Brokovich Steven Soderberg R1
Angela's Ashes Alan Parker R1
The Bridges of Madison County Clint Eastwood R1
The Green Mile Frank Darabont R2
Magnolia Paul Thomas Anderson R2
Castaway Robert Zemekis R2
Billy Elliott Stephen Daldry R2
Stepmom Chris Columbus R2
The Cider House Rules Lasse Hallstrom R2
Chocolat Lasse Hallstrom R1
The Color Purple Steven Speilberg R2

Film Director Region
Being John Malkovich Spike Jonze R1
Wag the Dog Barry Levinson R2
Chicken Run Nick Park R2
Sex and the City Complete Series One R2

Film Director Region
Life is Beautiful Roberto Benigni R2
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Ang Lee R2


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