Chamonix comments


I love Chamonix but not so much for the skiing as for the shopping.  You can find anything you like involving mountaineering, skiing  or boarding. But when it comes to the skiing I was not impressed. There are a fair few skiing areas all at different levels. If you go with some one else who as confident, or non confident as yourself it might be all right. But if the group is combined with people with different abilities they all have to ski at different areas connected by a bus through the valley. Les Houches is not very good for snowboarders as from  the top of the cable car you'll have to walk along a flat area to get to any pistes. Le Tour was okay but when we where there the top part was closed due to heavy wind. But in general I thing the Chamonix skiing area is a bit scatty and not very big.


I have a bit of a love for Chamonix. i am not sure why. The town is crowded, unpersonal, and very commercial. The skiing is scattered and not linked very well. But, I have been there quite a few times and there is just an atmosphere around the place. Everyone there is drawn to this skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, climbing mecca. They are all there for the same reason, and you feel some sort of affiliation with each person there. The other thing that completely overwhelms you is the magnificent presence of Mont Blanc overlooking you no matter where you are in the valley.