Andorra Easter 1997

The town of Pas de la CasaThe botton lift station in Gran Roig in Pas de la CasaOn Thursday evening we crossed the channel in one of Aurigny's small yellow flyers and jumped into a car to drive down to Andorra. 12 hours later and a sleepless night we turned up for our first skiing holiday together. The plan to go to bed for a few hours was scrapped as any tiredness just disappeared as soon as we saw the slopes. Jumped into our skiing outfits and put on stiff boots with planks underneath and went up the mountain. The sun was gazing down and the slopes were busy with Spanish beginners.Malin just about to go down the black runSteve resting in Pas de la Casa Went through the whole system and found a half pipe.The snow was good even though it turned a bit slushy in the afternoons as expected. After the second day we had skied  the whole system and started to get bored, as there was no real challenges. For a beginner, on skis or snowboard, we reckon this place is brilliant but we were quite content after two days. Left the packed tourist shops and the snow for Foix where we found the spring and a lovely little mark. After a beer (for the passenger) we carried on along the Pyrenees. High snow covered mountains stared at us as we were leaving  to go up north back to Dinard and Guernsey.